I enjoyed going through the thought process of Sondra’s painting assignment. However I wish I would not have read preface before the journal. I had a hard time taking the reading seriously after the author explained, “I also had to use language in the way Sondra would; so, there is some of the ubiquitous text messaging lingo used by teens… lol: laugh out loud… omg: Oh my god… sk8ter: skater.”

So after getting past this explanation of a fictional teenager and her lingo, I actually found the journal pretty interesting and informative. Sondra comes to the conclusion that themes for contemporary art come from many different sources and she writes, “I’m still wondering why teachers always want us to look at other art to inform our work when artists are copying us. Absurd.”

Themes and inspiration for a work of art can come from a student’s own experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Honestly sometimes I find it hard to believe that teenage students even have an original idea, but they do! They just need the push through the thought process as in Sondra’s journal. I often relate lessons to the students in some way, like having them create themes that interest the student or are about the student. This leads to discussions, arguments, and ideas. The thought process then flows naturally.  I find this to be one sure way to motivation and success.