As I endeavor to stimulate my kindergarten students, I know that I first have to know what they are capable of drawing. The writer does some extensive dialogue with the students before she even gets a pencil out. My classroom has 24 students, no aides, or third grade helpers so I decided that to see what they can draw first would be a great place to start. The dialogue we started with centered on a subject that they were familiar with; I read the story Have You Seen My Cat? By the end of they story the cat is found and along the way the author shows us very famous cats for the students to think about. Their assignment was to choose a cat that they would like to have. Step one. As they draw their cat, the questions start, Can I draw a place for the cat? Even these young students know that the cat needs more on the page. We all stop and question where the lions, pumas, barn cats would live. I encouraged them to develop the background. They were very engaging with the drawings of their cats and it’s home.

Once I can see how they can visualize the concepts, we can build on blocks. The simple concepts of pets are near and dear to most children,s heart.