As I read the quotes the one I felt I was immediately able to respond to is number six. I was intrigued by the idea of inquiry being described almost as a “life’ by using the words characteristics. Character is not something that is natural for everyone, but is often learned through testing and difficult situations. The definition of characteristic is:
: a distinguishing trait, quality, or property ; is used mainly for people, but when learning is ‘people based’ instead of exam based, it enables the discovery of information. This discovery, if occurring on a regular basis, births in a learner tools such as problem solving skills, and thinking that is greater than a linear perspective.
Even though the process of inquiry is very free at times, most inquiry bases lessons have a question to ask or a problem to solve. As a teacher I find that the characteristic I find used in my teaching is asking questions or having my students respond to questions that they ask themselves. “whats in the foreground?”, what time of day is it in your drawing”, what is the mood of your subject?”. As I prompt my students with a question, their response becomes richer and they seem to have a greater connection to the creative process.