I am going to focus on a serious reply to Quote #1 “Problems are stimulus to thinking…. Growth depends upon the presence of difficulty to be overcome by the exercise of intelligence….The problem grows out of the conditions of the experience being had in the present, and that it is within the capacity of students; and secondly, that is such that it arouses in the learner an active quest for information and the production of new ideas” Dewey.

 I have always thought in the Art room there is room for everybody. The problem I most often encounter is dealing with the student(s) who feel or think they have little or no aptitude toward quality art production. Some students having trouble see others being very successful at production. They  think others are naturals or gifted. They often fail to see the environmental factors or the hard work involved in becoming a successful artist.

 I tell them you have got to hold the door open to do anything that hasn’t been done before. These students have their own thing, Sometimes all criticisms must be held in abeyance until the students feels self worth and confidence in their work and voice.

 I think this problem could stimulate a shared inquiry into why Art production seems so difficult for some and to others comes easily.

“The job of an educator is to teach students to see the vitality in themselves.”-

 Joseph Campbell